Does Paint Deglosser Work

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The short answer to the question about whether paint deglosser works, as you have read above, is yes. The longer answer is also yes, just in more words. Let’s take a deeper look at paint deglosser, find out how and why to use it, and anything else that you need to know about paint deglosser.

What is Paint Deglosser?

Paint deglosser is a liquid that can be used to remove the gloss from a surface. It is usually compared to sandpaper, but the two have very different uses. While both remove the gloss, sandpaper also removes the top layer to smooth out any abrasions and bumps. Liquid deglosser will not smooth a surface, it only removes the shine.

The main reason to use a paint deglosser is when you want to add a layer of paint to a surface. The deglosser will dull the surface allowing the new layer of finish to look bright when it is applied. Paint deglosser will not repair or smooth a surface.

What Does it Work on?

You can use paint deglosser on any surface that is painted, but that does not stop with only paint. Paint deglosser can be used with varnishes, lacquers, polyurethane, and other finishes. It can also be used to remove stains from finishes, letting you remove the stain without having to refinish, which you would need to do with sandpaper.

Another benefit over sandpaper is getting into tight corners and spaces. There may be some areas that you cannot use sandpaper on, but as paint deglosser is a liquid, it can get into almost any surface.

How to Use Paint Deglosser


The area that you are applying the paint deglosser to needs to be cleaned first. Use soap and warm water to remove any surface dirt and the deglosser will do a much better job.


Any residual moisture will make the paint deglosser less effective. Let the surface dry overnight if you have the time, or use a hairdryer (or other means) to dry the area before application.


A lint-free cloth is the best way to apply the paint deglosser to the surface. Use the paint deglosser as instructed by the manufacturer, and rub it into the necessary area. The deglosser will remove the shine, and it will also create a bonding surface for the new layer of paint.


You need to leave the paint deglosser on the surface to allow it to do its job. Usually, around ten minutes should be sufficient but always defer to the included instructions. 


Use a lint-free dry cloth to remove any excess paint deglosser and wash the area if necessary.

Safety Measures

Handling paint deglosser can be dangerous if not done right, so always follow the instructions, but also keep in mind ventilation and fire hazards.

Liquid paint deglosser is flammable, so be careful to keep the deglosser away from any flames or heat when using, and also be careful when storing or disposing of the paint deglosser too. Wear safety goggles and gloves when you are applying the deglosser.

As with most chemicals, make sure that the area is well-ventilated when using the paint deglosser, and do not wait in the same area for the deglosser to dry.

Benefits of Paint Deglosser

In most cases, you have a straight choice between paint deglosser and sandpaper, and there are some distinct advantages of using paint deglosser.

When you use paint deglosser, you save a lot of time. It is much easier to apply some paint deglosser than it is to sand an area. Simply apply with a cloth and wipe it off when done.

Paint deglosser also creates less mess. When you sand, the room becomes filled with dust particles, and that can take time for them to settle. Paint deglosser will not create that extra work for you.

Deglosser can get into any cracks and small areas that can be impossible to get into with sandpaper.

Paint deglosser can be used on small areas or large areas, and there is no difference in how you do that. 

Disclaimer-paint deglosser is a chemical, so always ensure that you are handling it correctly to protect yourself and those around you.