What Favorite Colors Can Say About Your Personality

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You might have a natural instinct for colors, have a favorite color, or be influenced by the color in a room. Different colors can create different moods, and knowing the color that you like can give a lot of information about the type of person you are.

So, what does a color say about your personality?

The Essence Of Color

A favorite color may not say everything, and sometimes colors can mean different things, but the main colors can be broken down into the following categories:

Yellow: Optimistic, Clear, & Warm

Orange: Friendly, Cheerful, & Confident

Red: Exciting, Youthful, & Bold

Purple: Creative, Imaginative, & Wise

Blue: Trusting, Dependable, & Strong

Green: Peaceful, Growing, & Healthy

Monochrome: Balanced, Neutral, & Calm

The colors above can give some quick insight into the type of person you are but it is not a one-size-fits-all. Let’s take a closer look at what each color can mean for you.


As you might expect from the color of the sun, yellow is a bright and warm color that is strongly linked with positivity. If you look at a lot of yellow logos, you get a sense that they are trying to create a link to positivity and happiness.

If yellow is your favorite color, then you are most likely a positive, cheerful, and optimistic person. You have a sense of adventure, and you create a calm atmosphere around you due to your infection happiness.


Orange also has links to positivity and happiness but is an indicator of a more creative person. This color is often used to draw the eye, and a feature wall or space can be painted orange to draw the eye to a certain aspect. It is a bolder color than yellow, but not as bold as red.

If you love orange, then you are likely fun and playful person to be around. You are generally sociable, like to host people, and are a go-to person for a social event. You are productive, nurturing, and can engage in long and deep conversations.


Red is a bold color that is often used to create excitement and passion in a room. There is usually danger and action associated with red, and it can be a fantastic paint color if you want to evoke those feelings in a room. It is a color that encourages people to act.

If you find yourself drawn to red, then you are likely to be a thrill-seeker with a bold personality. You might be a little impulsive at times, but that can lead to lots of adventure. Sometimes, people see you as intimidating, but that boldness can get you what you need.


Purple and pink may be associated more with femininity, but they are colors for everyone. They give a lot of playfulness and can be well suited for younger people (or those young at heart). Purple can be whimsical, and you will often find toys in pink and purple. It is a sign of fun and play, but it can also be cute and sexy.

If you love purple or pink, then you are sure to be fun and playful and see the world differently from those around you. You often see the best in the world and in people, and you wear your heart on your sleeve, unafraid to show your emotions. Family, friends, and love are a very important part of your life.


Blue is a harmonious color that beings balance. When people are around blue, they often feel more calm, peaceful, and trusting. It can often be used to show strength and reliability. If you move more towards purple, that can be a sign of royalty and power.

If you are a lover of blue, we can guess that you are a gentle, compassionate, and calming person. You are loyal and strong, and this is what creates balance around you. People can depend on you, both for you to be there for them, and to get things done.


Green is the color of nature, new growth, and health, and fertility. While it can be associated with jealousy and envy (and even money and greed), it is more about what you put into the world than what you take from it. Using green in a room or home brings it closer to nature.

If green is your favorite color, you are a down-to-earth person who loves to help other people. This is also a color that brings balance but by inspiring others rather than being a person to go to. You are great at giving advice, practical, and a problem solver.


White and black together create a stark contrast, drawing the eye in certain directions, and working off each to make a statement. They can also be used to dilute other colors or create more contrast.

White can signify that you are calm and peaceful, and like order and cleanliness. You can also be seen as a blank canvas or a fresh start; someone with innocence.

Black can show boldness, just like red, and it can show that you are a more serious person while still being impulsive. You can be intimidating, but trustworthy.