10 Ways to Remodel Your Bathroom on a Budget

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An average person visits the bathroom at least once a day, so we can say the bathroom is one of the most frequently used rooms in any home. While some people simply go to take showers, many others brush their teeth, apply make-up and even shave their beards in the bathroom. Your bathroom is an essential part of your home, and if it is not looking as great as it used to, you may just need a remodel. 

Redoing your bathroom is almost as expensive as redoing your kitchen. However, you can cut costs by remodeling your bathroom yourself.  

Whether you have a large or a small bathroom, take a look at ten inexpensive ways to do a bathroom remodel on a budget.

#1. Deep Clean Your Bathroom

You may regularly clean your bathroom, but deep cleaning is one of the first steps to remodeling. A deep cleaning helps you eliminate all lurking bacteria and gives your bathroom a whole new outlook. Not only will you feel safe and healthier, but you’ll also be more confident about inviting guests into your home. All you need is your bucket, mop, toilet brush, and a few inexpensive cleaning supplies.

You may better understand what you need to change in your bathroom and how you can do a bathroom remodel on a budget at the end of a deep clean.

#2. Repaint the Walls

Nothing screams ‘fresh’ louder than newly painted walls. You can re-coat your bathroom walls with the same color, or you can use a different shade of paint, either way, you get to cover up stale dirt and grime, and other imperfections on your wall. One budget-friendly way to transform your otherwise small bathroom into an airy and spacious one is by painting the walls white or any other neutral color.

#3. Include Wall Art

It is somewhat unusual to find artwork in bathrooms, especially because excess moisture can damage them easily. Instead of paintings, you can use photographs and posters, which are more resistant to moisture. Decorative ceramic and ceramic plates not only look great in the bedrooms and living rooms, but they can also add some glam to your bathroom. 

#4. Refurnish the Bathtub

Your vintage claw-foot bathtub might have looked great several years ago, but not anymore. The colors may have faded to the pale shadow of their former glory, however, instead of fussing over getting an expensive replacement, you can simply refurnish your current one. With the right refurnishing kit, you can have your tub look as good as new in no time.  

#5. Change the Curtains or Shades

The yellowish curtains or worn-out shades of your bathroom are things you need to replace to have your bathroom look bright and cheery. Roman shades made with sheer fabrics are a great option to give your bathroom the needed freshness. While there are also a variety of other inexpensive yet durable bathroom shades and curtains available, be sure to choose only mildew-resistant fabrics. 

#6. Repurpose Old Furniture

If you have not thrown out your old dresser, then you are one lucky person. With some refinishing, you can repurpose your old dresser into the perfect vanity for your bathroom. Not only is it cost-friendly, but you can also eliminate all the clutter in your bathroom. It provides more than enough space for your bath kit and all other bathroom supplies you wish to store. You can also refinish, repaint or change the countertop of your old vanity.

#7. Change the Lighting

Old bathrooms may have some vintage light fixtures that remain beautiful. However, most are outdated. Vintage or not, you can switch them out for more contemporary and stylish light fixtures. Several types of amazing light fixtures work for almost all bathroom designs. Choose a fixture that not only provides adequate lighting but also adds to the aesthetics of your bathroom. 

#8. Replace Faucets and Showerheads

Just like light fixtures, faucets and showerheads also get old and outdated. They may become stained, rusted, and even faulty over time. You can give your bathroom a facelift by switching out old faucets and showerheads for more modern models. You can get durable and affordable faucets in both online and physical stores. Make sure to switch out all the old faucets, including the sink, if you want to achieve a modern uniformed look. 

#9. Tile Either Your Walls or Floors

Instead of tiling your bathroom floor and walls, you can save a lot of cost by tiling either. Tiles come in various beautiful patterns and styles, and they still look great when used on your floors or walls. Consider the colors and styles of other elements in your bathroom when choosing the tiles for your walls or floors.  

#10. Reorganize Your Bathroom and Add a Large Mirror

Sometimes all you need to remodel your bathroom on a budget is a little reorganization. Clutters make your bathroom look small and uninviting. If you have a lot of stuff in your bathroom, you can consider using small baskets to store them. Organize your towels using a towel hanger or a shelf or you can simply hang your towels neatly on your bathroom door.

A large mirror is perfect if you have a small or cramped bathroom. It gives the optical illusion of space and adds some elegance to your bathroom, especially with white or cream-colored walls. Plain mirrors are budget-friendly, and several DIY methods of decorating your mirrors at home. You can use stones, marbles, shells, smaller mirrors, and even flowers to decorate your mirror.

Make Your Bathroom Sparkle

Several things contribute to your bathroom not looking as great as it used to. Still, if you pay more attention to details and adopt the few tips mentioned above, you will certainly notice improvements in the general outlook of your bathroom.

Upgrading your bathroom décor can also greatly boost your self-confidence, so if you are searching for a budget-friendly way to remodel your bathroom on a budget, then look no further, visit Hillis Brothers Painting today.