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From the front door to the bathroom, our professional painters are experts in completing the job on time, and on budget while meeting your aesthetic goals. We work with businesses and homeowners all over the Phoenix area. There’s no part of the valley that we can’t reach. Working with painters you can trust is the biggest part of choosing a painting company. Hundreds of homeowners have trusted our company and our painting process to get the job done.

Why Trust Us For Your Residential & Commercial Painting

Choose our painting company means choosing the most reliable company in the Phoenix area. If you want a transformative experience, we have the dedication and experience to match. Our dedication starts and ends with our team of seasoned painters skilled in the art of bringing walls to life. We prioritize your vision, ensuring every stroke resonates with your personal style. Our commitment to using high-quality, durable paints guarantees a lasting, pristine finish.

"These guys were phenomenal..."

These guys were phenomenal. Great workmanship and very professional. Truman is a kind, caring honest person. Your honesty and integrity say a lot about you. I really appreciated working with you and your crew. Thank you for doing my house.

Jacquelynne | Arizona

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Exterior Painting

The exterior of your home is the first thing you and any visitor will see. Your curb appeal will make or break their impression when you have visitors. The same thing goes for if you are selling. Your home deserves nothing less than a professional paint job that will last through the years and increase your curb appeal.

Not all paint is created equal, and not all painters treat projects with the same quality. If you want the best of both, choose Hillis Brothers Painting for your interior painting project.

Interior Painting

Our team of fully licensed and trained interior house painters at Hillis Brothers Painters can help take your interior to the next level. The photo shows a beautiful example of a fireplace that we textured and painted white. This is just one example of painting projects we’ve completed successfully. We can paint cabinets, fireplaces, walls, ceilings, skylights, and more.

Cabinet Painting

A growing trend amongst homeowners is updating their kitchen cabinetry. A unique paint color and stain can go a long way towards making your cabinets look fresh and modern. You’ll be amazed by how your kitchen or bathroom will have a brand-new look with nothing else changing. with a unique paint color. If you want your cabinets to stand out, you can go with a color like emerald green or blue. Most customers choose sleek colors like black and white.

Commercial Painting

We don’t just paint homes. We also do commercial painting in the Phoenix area. We can paint everything from malls, movie theaters, restaurants, office buildings, and warehouses. We take pride in painting homes and treat every doorstep like it’s our own, but the simple fact is that the stakes are raised in commercial painting.

You can’t just trust two guys in a truck to paint in the presence of your customers and business environment. You need to trust painters who run a business themselves, thus knowing how business works. You can find that in Hillis Brothers Painting.

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As far west as Buckeye and as far east as Queen Valley, we serve most of the Phoenix area. If you want to inquire if Hillis Brothers Painting services your area, please call (480) 486-5962.