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San Tan may be on the outskirts, but that is not a worry for us. Based in Mesa, we are a short drive from you, and we strive to reach as many residential customers as we can.

The San Tan Valley is a relatively new community, and that means many new builds, but it is never too early to freshen up your home, especially with the beautiful San Tan Mountains as a spectacular backdrop.

If you have a home that needs painting inside or out, then we are the local contractors who can help. We have years of experience in the area, especially beneficial for protecting exteriors against the harsh Phoenix summers, and we know what people like, want, and need.

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Why Trust Us For Your Residential Painting

It is hard to choose a painting contractor that you can trust, but let us give you some reasons why we are your best choice. We are local. We do not suffer from some of the drawbacks that come with a large-scale company that is not based in the area. We are entirely based in Mesa, and we are staffed by local contractors.

Because we are local, we have more at stake. We want to do an excellent job, not only because professionalism is at the forefront of our business, but also because we are your neighbors, friends, and colleagues.

We also offer the best aftercare. If something is not quite right with the job, we will come back and fix it. Our work is done only when you are satisfied with it.

Our Services

Exterior Painting

Exterior painting is about more than just adding aesthetics to your home, it is about protection too. The layer of paint helps to protect the material underneath from wind, rain, frost, and UV rays. And, we all know how hot it can get in the summer.

We have years of experience painting home exteriors, and we have dealt with every material imaginable. We can paint wood, stucco, cement, and more. We know exactly how to get the most from each material, and the problems that come with each. We can easily solve those problems as well as work around any obstacles.

Painting your exterior will give you a beautiful look and increase the curb appeal of your home. Whether you are selling your home or living there forever, painting the exterior makes sense.

Interior Painting

There can be many reasons to paint the interior of your home. You may want to sell your home, and there is almost no better way to increase the value of your home than by painting it. You may just have moved in and want to make it your own. Or, you might just want to update what you already have.

No matter the reason, trust us to help you make your dreams a reality. With years of experience in the industry, we not only have the professional contractors who will do the painting but also experts who can help you to design rooms and choose colors.

We can paint everything from a single wall to the entire interior of your home. There is no job too big or too small for us. Give us a call today to find out what we can do.

Cabinet Painting

Updating your home is not only about painting the interior or exterior. You can create a whole new look in the bathroom, kitchen, and anywhere else by painting your cabinets. Not only is this is a great way of creating a new look, but repainting helps to protect cabinets too.

Cabinet doors may be considered a small job, but it is also the painting that takes the most skill. If you do not know what you are doing, you can be left with uneven paint that looks terrible. Our professionals know exactly what they are doing when it comes to cabinet painting.

We will be in and out of your home in no time, protecting everything in your kitchen or bathroom before we start painting, and you can return to your normal, and more beautiful, life in no time.

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Most frequent questions and answers

You need to choose a painting contractor who is experienced. New contractors can do a great job, but there is a wealth of experience that a seasoned contractor can bring. There are some problems that only crop up on the job, and techniques that are only learned through practice. We have been painting for years, and you can trust that we will leave you more than impressed.

There can be many ways to tell, from chipped, flaky, and cracked paint to cracks in the foundations and damaged walls. Over time, paint is going to fade and lose protection. The best way to know for sure is to call us for a free inspection.
There is not much that you need to do except for moving your belongings out of the way. Of course, there may be additional obstacles on the exterior, like tree branches, and those should be dealt with before we arrive. We will go through everything in detail with you when we give you your free estimate.
You do not need to be home when we come unless you want to be. All we need is access to the interior or exterior and we can take care of the rest.
We recommend leaving the room for as long as possible, overnight if you can, and with some ventilation. This is especially important if you are putting furniture against the wall or hanging anything. Of course, we always use quick-drying paint, so you can use the room as normal in a couple of hours.

Benefits Of Painting Your Interior And/Or Exterior

Increased Value

There is almost a no better way to increase the curb appeal of your home and increase the value, than by repainting it. This applies to both the interior and exterior of your home. Repaint either or both and your home is going to increase in value.

Be careful to uses muted and neutral colors if you are repainting for resale value, as bold, striking colors may not be to everyone’s taste, even if it is to yours. Call in the professionals when you need it done right.


As we have already mentioned, an exterior paint job is about more than just aesthetics. Sure, it will increase the curb appeal and value of your home, but it also offers protection too. A coat of high-quality exterior paint can protect against wind, rain, frost, and UV rays.

The longer that you can protect the walls of your home, the more secure your home is going to be. When you can stop mold, rot, and moisture from getting into walls, you are only saving yourself more money in the long run.


Of course, fresh paint is going to increase the beauty of your home. It does not matter if you are painting the exterior or the interior, both are going to create a more welcoming home to live in.

The interior is where you spend a lot of your time, and you need it to be an extension of who you are. The same goes for the exterior, and a beautiful paint job is going to make you want to enjoy your yard and garden for longer.


Some rooms need to be a certain color. You wouldn’t paint a newborn’s room in dark colors like black, and you wouldn’t want your own bedroom walls to be too bright. Color can make a difference in the functionality of a room.

We have design experts who can recommend calming colors for bedrooms or libraries, energy-boosting colors for home gyms and offices, and warm colors for a living room or dining room. Give us a call for a free consultation.