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These days, available homes are hard to come by in Scottsdale. If you’re a property owner, you’re probably very proud of your investment. One way to protect your investment is with a new interior or exterior coat of paint. Hillis Brothers Painting proudly serves the Phoenix Metro area, including Scottsdale. Our extensive experience painting Santa Fe style homes makes us the go-to company for residential painting in Scottsdale. We don’t just paint exteriors either, we also paint interiors, cabinets, and residential properties, too. 

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Why Trust Us For Your Residential & Commercial Painting

It’s simple, if you want the best for your home, then you should only trust the best. Customers of Hillis Brothers Painting have come to expect first class service from start to finish. This includes painters who show up on time, offer fair pricing, do the job right, and respect your property while working. Unfortunatly, some of these traits can be hard to come by. Hillis Brothers Painting is all of those things and more. To see that this is true, all you have to do is read our reviews, and the reviews of our parent company, Hillis Brothers Painting.

Our Services

Exterior Painting

Thought about paintintg your exterior, but don’t know where to get started? Instead of spending your time on a difficult DIY project, hire painting experts who let’s face it, will do a better job than you could. Our painting contractors have the experience needed to take your exterior from drab to drop-dead gorgeous.

We follow a meticulous process which includes protecting the non-painting area, pressure washing the surface to remove dirt, removing loose paint, caulking, then finally painting.

Interior Painting

Just like exterior painting, interior painting takes extensive planning and foresight. These are two qualities you should look for in your interior painting contractor. From start to finish, we enter every interior painting project with a plan. We’ve done this so many times, we can close our eyes and see what your finished product will look like. Heck, we see freshly painted interiors in our dreams!

Cabinet Painting

Cabinet Painting is one of the most bang-for-your-buck renovations you can do for your home. Your cabinet space also has a dramatic effect on how you view your kitchen and bathroom space. Instead of investing thousands of dollars on new cabinets, spend a fraction of the price on having your cabinets painted by professional painters.

Commercial Painting

We recently expanded our services from more than just house painting, to include commercial painting. From malls, movie theaters, restaurants, office buildings, and warehouses, we can paint it all. We take pride in painting homes and treat every doorstep like it’s our own, but the simple fact is that the stakes are raised when it comes to commercial painting.

You can’t just trust two guys in a truck to paint in the presence of your customers and business environment. You need to trust painters that run a busineess themselves, thus knowing how business works. You can find that in Hillis Brothers Painting.

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Most frequent questions and answers

To a certain extent, you get what you pay for. If you’re astute, you can guess what you’re paying for before you lay down your money on a house painting contractor’s service. Things to look out for are their punctuality, cleanliness, and organization. When getting a free estimate, you should be able to get a good feel for their general demeanor. At the end of the day, you want to know, “can they do the job I’m asking of them for a reasonable price?”

In Phoenix, home exteriors will not hold back in showing their age. You should repaint your exterior every 10-15 years. Stucco can develop hairline cracks that look bad and cause water damage issues. A fresh coat of paint can potentially prevent these two issues.

You’re welcome to move anything you don’t want in the way, but we can assist with that. Proper preparation is an intensive effort, so we’d never ask a customer to apply drop cloth, pressure wash, or caulk an area before we can paint it.

Benefits Of Painting Your Interior And/Or Exterior


It does not matter if you have lived in your home for years or you have just moved in, painting your home significantly improves the aesthetics and will lead to a happier life.

Even if the colors are perfect, they are going to fade over time, and that is going to affect your mood. If you have just moved into a home, or your tastes have changed, the look of the home is not going to be to your taste. Repainting can create exactly the home that you want and, when you have what you want, you have more satisfaction.

We have all the tools ready, and the contractors waiting to get to work. Give us a call today to create the perfect look.


It does not matter if it is exterior or interior painting, the paint on your walls is going to create a line of defense that will protect the material below and keep your home in great shape for longer.

In the Scottsdale area, exterior paint is going to provide protection from the harsh sun. As sunlight wears down the paint, it can start to attack the material below and that can lead to a weakened structure. It may not seem like it, but a couple of coats of paint can create a barrier that will increase the strength of your walls and improve the integrity of your home. So, what are you waiting for? Hire us to do your house painting!