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If you live in the Tempe, Arizona area and need your home interior or exterior painted, then you have come to the right place. When you are spending a hot day on the lake, let us come by and freshen your interior or add some protection to your exterior.

Tempe is a rapidly expanding city, with a real focus on education, and we are here to fulfill all your panting needs, whether you are moving to the city from somewhere else, need to sell your house, or just want to create a more comfortable place to live.

Why Trust Us For Your Residential Painting

Trust is not a word that we throw around lightly. We know that trust means everything, and we have spent years building the trust of the community around us. We work in the area, but we live in the area too. When we get positive feedback from the community around us, it means a lot, and we don’t like to disappoint.

We have years of experience, painting the interiors and exteriors of homes in the Tempe area and beyond. We have the best equipment and the best employees. When you choose us, you are choosing the painting contractors who really know what they are doing.

We have the knowledge, experience, and skills to tackle any size of house, any materials, any areas, and any problems that may arise. You can trust us on that.

Our Services

Exterior Painting

With exterior painting, you are not only adding a splash of color to your home, or replacing the color, you are adding a layer of protection too. The paint on the exterior of your home is a barrier that protects the material below. We know that we are not just painting your home but we are protecting it too, that is why we take it very seriously.

In the Tempe area, we know that the exterior of your home takes a lot of beating from the sun. The UV rays combined with the extreme summer heat can wear down the barrier that protects your home underneath. That is why our expert contractors only use the best paint.

If you need your exterior repainted, touched up, or just want us to come and take a look, give us a call today.

Interior Painting

There are many reasons to repaint the interior of your home. You might be selling it, you could be renovating a room, have a new addition to the family, want to rent, have just moved in, or want to change the style of your interior and find more comfort. Whatever the reason, we can help with everything from start to finish.

Our contractors know more than just how to paint a room. They can help you with color choices, types of paint, and how to bring out the best in a room. We will work with you from start to finish to make sure that you are happy. When you are, we are.

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for the interior of your home, so what are you waiting for?

Cabinet Painting

You don’t have to paint your entire home to improve the look and increase the value. Making your home more of a home can be as simple as painting your cabinets. A simple lick of paint can have your kitchen or bathroom looking like new again.

Painting cabinets is not as big a job as painting rooms or exteriors, but that does not mean that everyone should give it a go. Cabinet painting needs a little more finesse and it is only those with experience and skill that can do the job justice.

We have the experience and skills, and our expert contractors have spent years painting almost every type of cabinet imaginable. Let us help you to create the home that you deserve.

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Most frequent questions and answers
Finding a painting contractor is about trust. You need to trust that they will do an excellent job, that they will do what they say they will, and they will come back and fix any problems. You can trust that we will do all of that and more.
There are many things to look for: chipped paint, cracks, faded colors, and moisture in your walls. Give us a call and we can come out and take a look. It may be that your exterior needs touched up, or there could be unseen issues.
For the exterior, removing any obstacles will help, like tree branches or outdoor fixtures. The same goes for indoors, though we can help you move larger items too. If you have any valuable or sentimental items, it is best to move them first, though we are always careful.
You do not need to be home, though you are welcome to stay home if you wish. As long as we have access to the interior or exterior, we will be fine. We will set that up with you before we visit.
It is best to leave the paint to dry overnight with ventilation before using the room, especially if you are hanging anything on the wall. We do use quick-drying paint, so the room can be used in a few hours as long as you are not touching the walls.

Benefits Of Painting Your Interior And/Or Exterior


When you paint the exterior of your home, you are not only adding color to your home, but you are adding a layer of protection too. We only use the best paint, and that is going to stop moisture and sunlight from damaging the exterior of your home.

That extra layer is very important in protecting your home. A few dollars spent on exterior paint can save you thousands of dollars in repairs later on. With our experience and knowledge, you can trust us to protect your home.

Increased Value

Painting your home, both inside or out is going to increase the value of your home. Painting your exterior is going to add more curb appeal to your home. People are going to see it online and in-person and be more drawn to it. The same goes for the inside. A well-painted interior makes a home more welcoming.

Even if it is only one room or part of the exterior, getting some fresh paint on there is going to increase the value of your home. It does not matter if you are selling or not.


It does not matter if you have moved into an old house with dated colors or the current style has gone out of fashion, a new paint job is going to create the aesthetics that you want.

Painting a room is also going to make that room feel more ready for the intended use. You want to have calming colors in your bedroom, vibrant colors in your home gym, and productivity-boosting colors in your home office. We can help you match the colors to the room and have it painted in no time.


If a room in your home does not look good, you are not going to feel comfortable there. If you start to notice cracks or chips in your paint, you are going to start looking for more, and then you are going to look for everything that is wrong with your room.

Some fresh paint on your walls is going to lead to less stress. When the wall is clean and fresh, it relaxes you and you stop looking for problems.