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Pool deck coatings are something that every homeowner should invest in. These coatings enhance the look of your pool, and are also extremely practical (especially during the summer.) You see, deck coatings have many advantages for pool owners. The biggest is that they lower the temperature of your pool deck.

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Why Do You Want to Keep Your Pool Deck Cool?

Ever heard of people frying eggs on the sidewalk? This should give you an idea of how warm your pool deck can get. Now imagine walking out to your pool on a hot summer day. Most people know what it’s like to burn their feet on a pool deck. But with a coating, you can prevent this, and reduce heat build-up by as much as 38%.

These coatings also protect your deck against the heat. This is important, because the sun eventually damages everything. Even the toughest concrete. And with every passing summer this damage increases. With a deck coating you can prevent this.

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At Hillis Brothers Painting, our goal is to paint amazing interiors and exteriors for homeowners in the Mesa area. We can paint any type of siding and turn your interior into a dream escape. That includes pool deck coatings

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1. With decades of experience, we’ve seen it all when it comes to pool deck resurfacing 
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What Affects the Temperature of a Pool Deck?

Several factors determine how hot the pool deck gets. This includes things like:

  • Shade: shade over the pool deck keeps it cool
  • Where you live: some states, like Arizona and Texas, are extremely hot
  • Material: certain materials get warmer than others, with concrete being the worst
  • Time of day: it’s generally hotter during the middle of the day

Resurfacing a Pool Deck

Pool deck refinishing is simple and straightforward. The most popular product is Cool Pool Deck Coating. It costs around $300, making it affordable enough for anyone. Pool deck resurfacing doesn’t take more than a day of work. All you have to do is apply the coating to your deck with a roller. It dries within minutes. Not only that, you can also mix it with paint, and make the coating any color you like. Best of all, these coatings are long-lasting and guaranteed for life.

How Cool Deck Paint Works

Similar products work by trapping the heat or reflecting it. This has many disadvantages. For example, it makes it unpleasant to sit outside. That’s why Cool Deck Coating is different. It uses simple science to pull heat from the surface of your deck. This heat is then pushed into the soil below the deck, where it harmlessly dissipates.

How Cool Deck Paint Works

While there are dozens of pool deck options on the market, Cool Deck Coating is by far the best.

Here’s why:

  • You’ll never burn your feet on hot concrete again: this makes the product a must for people who live in warm climate.
  • It repairs and resurfaces your deck: if your pool deck looks rundown, then this is an easy way to perk it up.
  • It creates a non-slip surface and makes your pool safer: this is great for seniors and people with small children.
  • You can tint the kit with any color: you’re not limited to a handful of options and have total control over the look of your deck.

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